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Mehendi / Haldi / Sangeet

Create a captivating tented space for unforgettable pre-wedding festivities like Mehndi, Sangeet, or Haldi. Adorned with vibrant florals, colorful backdrops, and twinkling lights, this setting invites guests to immerse themselves in a joyous atmosphere. Ideal for mingling, dancing, or relaxing, it ensures every moment is filled with warmth and celebration, making your event truly memorable.

Wedding Ceremony

Elevate your wedding with our Indian decor service, where we specialize in creating stunning mandap setups and elegant tenting adorned with vibrant florals and traditional accents. Our attention to detail ensures a blend of modern elegance and cultural charm, crafting a memorable backdrop for your special day, whether indoors or outdoors.

Corporate Events

Explore our corporate event services designed to elevate your gatherings with precision and style. Whether planning conferences, seminars, dinners, or team-building activities, we specialize in creating inspiring environments. Our offerings include striking backdrops, elegant arch decor, welcoming signage, and tasteful floral arrangements, ensuring every detail reflects your company’s vision while leaving a lasting impression on attendees.



Wedding Reception

Discover our corporate event services tailored for conferences, seminars, dinners, and team-building activities. We specialize in creating inspiring environments with striking backdrops, elegant arch decor, and tasteful floral arrangements, ensuring every detail reflects your company’s vision and leaves a lasting impression.

House Warming / Baby Shower

Celebrate your milestone moments with our versatile reception services for weddings, housewarmings, or baby showers. We specialize in creating the perfect ambiance, from tasteful decor to delightful catering options, ensuring a memorable and heartwarming event for you and your loved ones.



Diwali Party

Enhance your Diwali party with our Indian-style decor services featuring vibrant flowers, delicate danglers, and traditional diyas. We specialize in creating a festive ambiance with elegant urli pots, candlelit corners, and brass accents, ensuring every detail celebrates the essence of Diwali. Let us bring color, texture, and light to make your celebration truly memorable.

Holi / Navratri/ Ganesh chathurti / Janmashtmi

Celebrate Holi, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Janmashtmi with our authentic Indian-style event decor. Featuring vibrant floral arrangements, traditional diyas, and elegant urli pots, we create a festive atmosphere that captures the essence of each celebration. Let us transform your event into an enchanting experience filled with cultural richness and traditional beauty.
Discover seamless event planning with our comprehensive services tailored to your every need:
  • Free In-Store Consultation: Enjoy a hassle-free consultation at our store to discuss your event vision and decor preferences.

  • Services: Enhance your event with our curated selection of available services:
    • Photo/Videographer: Capture every moment beautifully.
    • Mehendi/Henna Artist: Add intricate designs to celebrate tradition.
    • Dholi Artist: Infuse energetic beats into your celebration.
    • DJ: Keep the party alive with great music.
    • Caterers: Delight your guests with exquisite cuisine.
    • Makeup Artist: Look your best with professional makeup.
    • Designer Clothes: Dress up in style with bespoke outfits.
    • Live Singers/Dancers/Band: Entertain guests with live performances.
    • Invitations: Set the tone with custom-designed invites.

From planning to execution, we ensure your event is memorable and stress-free. Let us bring your vision to life with our tailored services

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